Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Years in the making

I never even thought of you in 5th grade when we met
The sad truth is the drugs brought us together in that pivotol spring of 10th grade
I think that's when we both took a turn for a worse, but it felt better.
Together, we lost.
I lost my purity to you, a drunken night, at Phils.
We lost Michelle that Sunday morning, at Phils.
We lost ourselves in the months after
But you held me together
We protected eachother from our demons, most of them at least
You made me feel something like I had never felt before
You were there for me more than I ever could have wished
Then it came crashing down
I was always so proud to never cry over a boy
But once it happened I couldn't stop it
I understood how it felt to yearn for someone to be beside me
There was the intermittent period..talking, not talking, fucking, not fucking
Then there was just more pain again
It stopped for a few weeks
Then came around again
Finally it ended and we were together again
And it was good, almost like before
But we never did talk about the pains
And I think all that time we were separated
You tried to find new loves and saw there were none
I realized it's just not going to work out, too much had happened for it to be the same
You have a piece of my soul, a chunk of my heart, and most of my innocence
But you don't have my love, not anymore.

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  1. perfect, i love this so much! you nailed every feeling you could lyn, write like this more often free writing brings out the most interesting things. keep it up baby