Wednesday, May 12, 2010

on your brain

Got a message for the masses:
These beats are like molasses,
stickin' to your brain,
causing you to go insane.
Speakin of a little insanity
remember that time I got a felony?
I didn't think it was such a big deal
that I couldn't even hold the steering wheel.
It's a joke, it's a jest, I'm just being a pest
Fillin' yo' mind with all the rest
The rest of the lies you believe to be true
Judging me, when you don't even know you?
Who do you think you are?
And I mean it in the literal sense.
Are you fitting the mold just to please yo rents?
Do you think what they say is true?
That somehow they know better than you?
Well, I have a sermon that I'd like to share
Get off dat high horse and enter my lair
Sitting on the ground, you can hear the sound of nothing, as it leaves your lips

No Longer A Child

There came the day of illumination
No longer a child.
What happened?
Where went the things I missed?
Now I miss the things I had
Who were they as people, not staples?
When scared to ask, I may never know

Oh! To be young and carefree
It's never been this way
Worry's been as ever-present as my eyes
The eyes that don't know what to see

I'm scared of the things to come;
The person I may become.
With few virginities left to lose
The jar in my mind slowly grows empty.
I refuse to admit the jar has no bottom.
Where did they go, where did I go

There's still that childish sense
To be loved, held, to know it
More and more, I'm charged with the holding.
There seems no end to these childish fears
Adulthood may never feel right.

I was a person then
The same physical person I am now
The pathways of the mind have set their course.
When I steer off course, the next pathway's in the abyss.
Better, worse, better, worse.

Just some light reading :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mi Obra Maestra--"The Crown"

Not your average rapper, White girl from the north
If you think I ain't legit you gotta hear it from the source
I'm reppin LTZ, a small conservative town,
And in this rap game I'm gonna wear the crown.
Smoke weed everyday till I'm broke and hungry,
My goal is life is to get mad money
Money everywhere like pennies in the air, quarters in the blunt, and dimes in my cunt
Yo it's not the time to front.
When you look up at the top
You know who you gon' see
Brunette in a polo, wit some skinny jeans
Sittin on my throne, watching my squires
Dese beats are catching like wild fire
Burnin in my soul, got me some inspiration
At the end of the wire, I emit exaltation
Cause I know where I'm from, what I did, what I do
And I only charge you wit doin' you.

Since the last post was so serious, I thought I would lighten the mood a little bit with some of my sick beats. Enjoy!