Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mi Obra Maestra--"The Crown"

Not your average rapper, White girl from the north
If you think I ain't legit you gotta hear it from the source
I'm reppin LTZ, a small conservative town,
And in this rap game I'm gonna wear the crown.
Smoke weed everyday till I'm broke and hungry,
My goal is life is to get mad money
Money everywhere like pennies in the air, quarters in the blunt, and dimes in my cunt
Yo it's not the time to front.
When you look up at the top
You know who you gon' see
Brunette in a polo, wit some skinny jeans
Sittin on my throne, watching my squires
Dese beats are catching like wild fire
Burnin in my soul, got me some inspiration
At the end of the wire, I emit exaltation
Cause I know where I'm from, what I did, what I do
And I only charge you wit doin' you.

Since the last post was so serious, I thought I would lighten the mood a little bit with some of my sick beats. Enjoy!

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