Wednesday, May 12, 2010

on your brain

Got a message for the masses:
These beats are like molasses,
stickin' to your brain,
causing you to go insane.
Speakin of a little insanity
remember that time I got a felony?
I didn't think it was such a big deal
that I couldn't even hold the steering wheel.
It's a joke, it's a jest, I'm just being a pest
Fillin' yo' mind with all the rest
The rest of the lies you believe to be true
Judging me, when you don't even know you?
Who do you think you are?
And I mean it in the literal sense.
Are you fitting the mold just to please yo rents?
Do you think what they say is true?
That somehow they know better than you?
Well, I have a sermon that I'd like to share
Get off dat high horse and enter my lair
Sitting on the ground, you can hear the sound of nothing, as it leaves your lips

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